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Podcast 009a: New Orleans Special Podcast - September 3, 2005

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Podcast 009a: New Orleans Special Podcast - September 3, 2005

This is a special podcast, mostly words, some music.

Help the people of New Orleans and other areas affected by Hurricane Katrina any way you can.  Send money.  Save gas.  Don't spread rumors.  Don't assign blame.  Keep the faith.

In the backgrounnd:  Miles Davis, "Flamenco Sketches (alternate take)," from Kind Of Blue, 1959.

If you can help out with the Hurricane Katrina relief, contact the Red Cross, United Way or Salvation Army.  They need money and expert assistance more than anything else.

News sources:
 New Orleans Times-Picayune:  http://www.nola.com
Places to donate:
 American Red Cross:  http://www.redcross.org
Contact centers:
 Craig's List (click the city you need):  http://www.craigslist.org

This list will be added to soon.

Click here for the MP3 file (6.5 megabytes, - 09:32 duration).

09/04/2005 12:15:50 AM

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