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Podcast 003: Music of My Life - June 11, 2005

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Podcast 003: Music of My Life - June 11, 2005

You know those songs that seem to end up associated with people, even if those people never even knew it?  Music that has become attached to the times of your life, and you can't explain it to anyone?  I try to explain the Music Of My Life.

Opening the show:
Billy Joel, "This Is The Time," from
The Bridge, 1986

"In My Own Little Corner," from Rodgers And Hammerstein's Cinderella,
1957 or 1965 versions -- what you hear is the 1965 version by Leslie Anne Warren, because it was the one I knew, though the March 18, 1957 version is superior and is now available on DVD.  Side note:  if you have a sharp ear, you'll not that the 1965 version is indeed one half-step lower than the 1957 version.

"Caught Up In You," .38 Special,
Special Forces, 1982.

"Something Stupid,"
Frank and Nancy Sinatra, 1965.  Don't know why this sticks in my head, probably because I used to hear it early in the morning on my parents' old Zenith clock-radio down the hall, the one with the tubes in it.

"Sweet City Woman,"
The Stampeders, 1971. Eventually, the clock radio became mine, and this is the sort of stuff I heard back in the summer of '71.

Click here for the MP3 file (20.6 megabytes, 30:00 duration).

07/26/2005 04:44:13 PM

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