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Podcast 008: Come Be Miserable - August 11, 2005

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Podcast 008: Come Be Miserable - August 11, 2005

Sometimes, it's OK to just feel terrible.  Come on and help me through an episode jammed with music of lost loves and regrets.  Be sure and take your antidepressants first... I sure will.

Opening the show:  George Jones, "Am I That Easy To Forget," released on Walk Through This World With Me, February, 1967

Junior Wells & Buddy Guy, "Ten Years Ago," from Drinkin' TNT and Smokin' Dynamite, 1977.  Bill Wyman of the Rolling Stones sits in on bass in this recording done live at Montreux.

Danny O'Keefe, "Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues," from the album O'Keefe, 1972

George Jones, "She Thinks I Still Care," recorded for United Artists, 1962.  The infamous Pinkard & Bowden recorded a parody of this a number of years ago called "She Thinks I Steal Cars."

Edith Piaf, "C'etait une Histoire d'Amour," recorded 1943.  Piaf, the greatest singer in France's history, died in 1962 of cancer at age 47.  More than 40 years later she's still practically worshipped.

Andre Previn & J.J. Johnson,"Wie Man Sich Bettet," from Andre Previn & J.J. Johnson Play "Mack The Knife" and Other Songs of Kurt Weill, recorded in December, 1961.  Never released on CD, this LP has been out of print for nearly 40 years.  Johnson died a few years ago... Previn is largely immersed in the classical world now, but at one point had a big pop hit back in the 1950s called "Like Young."  I used this track to close out my radio show every Saturday night at 3:00am, nearly 25 years ago now.

Feel better now?  I sure do.

Click here for the MP3 file (23.8 megabytes, 33:05 duration).

08/16/2005 11:42:58 PM

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